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Development: The CW joins The Survivors’ Club; new animated series from Voltron studio; horror comes to the Pacific

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Nov 6, 2018, 8:12 PM EST (Updated)

If you’re a fan of all the dark and offbeat TV adaptations spawned by DC’s more adult-themed Vertigo Comics imprint, then this should come as welcome news to say the least: an all-new series in development at The CW based on monster comics series The Survivors’ Club.

Deadline reports Jared Frieder of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious is writing and executive producing the new series, which follows the lives of Jason and Jennifer — twins who in childhood barely escaped the demonic possession that claimed their mother’s life and essentially defined their adult identities. 

The world of The Survivors’ Club is one in which monsters and dark fears from the movies are real, and people who’ve been scarred by childhood near-misses with the forces of evil find each other in adulthood to do battle against it all. The comic debuted for Vertigo in 2015 from the creative team of Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, and Ryan Kelly.

The pickup is only the latest in a long (and strong) list of Vertigo-based adaptations for film and television, including Preacher, Lucifer, iZombie, and Constantine. We’re still early in the process, so there’s no news yet about casting, or when The Survivors’ Club will hit the small screen.

The animation studio behind Voltron: Legendary Defender, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra is teasing its next project: a fantasy series titled Koji

According to Studio Mir, Koji follows a boy of the same name who crash-lands on a “colorful earth-like planet, inhabited by incredible alien creatures and hybrid animals,” and befriends a big blue cat named Tako, who possesses water-elemental powers. They’ll soon put those powers to use against an evil robot king and his mechanical army, which threaten to take control of the world.

Studio Mir is currently looking for a distribution deal to bring the show to air, but you can check out a neat preview clip here.

Finally, here’s another project looking for a home: Pacific, a sci-fi horror movie that mines the myths and stories of South American culture on its journey to the heart of an alien darkness — one that’s been secretly biding its time on a faraway island.

Pacifico Movie on YouTube

The film follows a group of young people who become stranded on the island, where the local inhabitants have long concealed the presence of a sinister alien being that has inhabited the remote land “for centuries,” according to Variety.

The Spanish-language film, originally titled Pacifico before being reworked for an international release, represents Latin America’s first plus $10 million entry into the world of sci-fi horror, according to the report, and features a soundtrack recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra mixed by John Neill of Peter Jackson’s Park Road Studio.

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