Development: Uncharted nears production; Jinn heads to Netflix; Runaways S2 in December

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Aug 13, 2018, 3:13 PM EDT

Streaming superheroes and supernatural soaps are coming to audiences — and a few exciting film and TV updates are accompanying them.

After the viral success of the admittedly unrelated fan film starring Nathan Fillion, we’ve got news that Uncharted is getting closer and closer to being a real movie. Maybe the studio just needed to see how much fans care about the property? In an interview with The Playlist, director Shawn Levy gave an update about the video game adaptation.

“I mean, as of right now, the closest to the starting line is Uncharted in that it’s a massive title,” Levy said in response to a question about which of his upcoming projects was closest to being made. “We now have a very good script and we have our star in Tom Holland. That is now subject to schedule and additional casting. But I would say as of right now, that seems to be the most near horizon.” That bodes well for video game fans, as the sooner this movie enters production, the less time its stars have to exit the project and cause the whole process to start over again.

A project that has actually reached the point of being real is Jinn, an upcoming Arabic Original series from Netflix starring a swath of fresh faces. As Deadline reports, the six-episode series is in production now in Amman, Jordan and will focus on a supernatural mix of soap opera emotions and mythology in its teen adventure/drama.

Elan Dassani serves as head writer for the show, while Salma Malhas and Hamza Abu Eqab star as the rebellious Mira and her romantic interest (and Jinn) Keras, respectively. In addition, a friendship between Yassin (Sultan Alkhalil) and Vera (Aysha Shahalthough) promises plenty of otherworldly goodness as the show balances its coming-of-age story with plenty of spirits.

Speaking of spirits, according to a release, Barbara Crampton is joining the cast of Channel Zero: The Dream Door, SYFY’s horror anthology series. Based on Charlotte Bywater’s short story “Hidden Door,” the upcoming entry into the spooky show’s canon will follow a newly married couple as a secret door in their basement makes all sorts of things get very, very weird. Crampton is set to play Vanessa Moss, who has close ties with the husband, Tom. What are those ties? It's unclear, but certainly nothing good.

Finally, good news for Marvel TV fans as Hulu announced that Season 2 of its young adult mutant show Runaways will premiere in December.

Yes, Dec. 21 will give fans a whole new season of Runaways. That means the holidays will be the perfect opportunity to binge the show and see what happens when your parents are super-baddies.