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Young Justice: Outsiders. Credit: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Animation

Development: Young Justice gets start date, 2 graphic novels to get TV adaptations, more

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Nov 16, 2018, 4:50 PM EST

Young Justice gets a premiere date, Hulu picks up a pilot from Robert Downey Jr.’s production company based on a comic book miniseries, a graphic novel centered around a secret group of female scientists is in development, and the directing duo behind Amazon’s Troupe Zero is making a sci-fi thriller based on a classic Greek myth for the studio in this latest Development Roundup. 

First up, at long last, the latest season of Young Justice finally has a release date. After the beloved animated series was pulled from Cartoon Network after two only seasons, fans were promised that a third season, titled Outsiders, would air on DC’s new digital streaming service

“But when?” we could hear fans asking. “It’s been years. How much longer must we wait?” Well, simmer down, hypothetically hyperventilating fans. According to this newly-released teaser video, the wait is almost over. In fact, it ends in January. 

That’s right. Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Friday, January 4, 2019, on DC Universe. 

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed with SYFY WIRE that Hulu has ordered a pilot for Sweet Tooth, a drama based on the DC Vertigo comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire.

Having been described as a cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Sweet Tooth tells a coming-of-age story about Gus, a half-human, half-deer hybrid who leaves home to find the world ravaged by some sort of cataclysmic event. He joins a motley crew of other displaced human/animal hybrids who are searching to find answers behind said event.

Sweet Tooth

DC Vertigo

The project was put together by Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey’s Team Downey, Jim Mickle and Warner Bros. TV. Mickle wrote the pilot and is slated to direct. 

Next, MIT Press and Einhorn’s Epic Productions are developing The Curie Society, a graphic novel about “an international secret society of young female scientists,” Deadline is reporting. The goal is to make the graphic novel part of a YA franchise that branches out to TV and online iterations.

Conceived by EEP CEO Heather Einhorn and the company’s chief creative officer Adam Staffaroni, The Curie Society is being written by Blue Delliquanti and edited by Joan Hilty.

“We created The Curie Society to be a place where smart, heroic, young women can shine,” Einhorn said in Deadline’s item. “To bring this world to life it’s incredible to be working with forward-thinking and innovative partners like the MIT Press, Massive and SB Projects.”

Music industry manager Scooter Braun — who represents such high-profile performers as Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, if you must know — has nabbed TV the rights and will co-develop The Curie Society as a series along with EEP. 

Meanwhile, MIT Press and EEP are also working with the Brooklyn-based science media company Massive to create a digital community centered on The Curie Society for scientists, educators, fans and students.

(Via Deadline)  

And finally, the female directing team of Bert & Bertie are once again joining forces to make the film Eurydice for Amazon. Deadline reports that the script, which is still being written, is reimagining the story of Apollo’s mythological nymph daughter and her husband Orpheus’ (failed) attempt to save her from the underworld as a female-driven sci-fi thriller.

This is the second film Bert & Bertie have been tapped to make for Amazon, the first being Troupe Zero, which is currently in post-production. 

(Via Deadline)