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Devil May Cry 5 introduces a badass new female partner for Nero

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Jun 21, 2018, 5:00 PM EDT

Devil May Cry is back with a vengeance. Rather than building on the excellent reboot of the series DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 5 will continue from where Devil May Cry 4 left off after it debuted in 2008. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition arrived on the scene in 2015, but this is the triumphant return we've been waiting for.

Devil May Cry 4's protagonist Nero is here, as well as series mainstay Dante, but there's a new character bringing some serious sass to the game. Her name is Nico, and she's Nero's partner. While we're excited to see more of Nero in action, and we can't wait to see Dante again, Nico has caught our attention. Case in point? She looks like a total badass. 

Devil May Cry 5 - Nicolette Pose

Nicoletta Goldstein is an expert craftwsoman who's also an associate of Nero's branch of the demon hunting business called Devil May Cry. She goes by Nico, and she's responsible for crafting the robotic replacement for Nero's lost Devil Bringer arm, first introduced during Devil May Cry 4. The Southern belle loves to work with cybernetics, and takes an extreme amount of pride in her work. She also thrills to see Nero in battle, as it means he's taking her creations into combat with him. She's a rugged creator and inventor who knows her trade, and it really shows. Plus, we're really into those tats. 

Of course, there's a reason Nico is such a talented young woman. That last name, Goldstein? That's the very same one as Nell Goldstein, the creator of Devil May Cry hero Dante's Ebony and Ivory guns, his signature weapons. Nico is her granddaughter. As far as Nell goes, she only ever made an appearance in the Devil May Cry novel, but those up on the lore will recognize her as the mastermind of the gunsmith shop .45 Caliber Works, and an excellent craftsman of custom firearms. 

Devil May Cry 5 - Nicolette

Credit: Capcom

Obviously, Nico isn't the first woman to grace Devil May Cry's history (we remember femme fatales Lady and Trish, of course). But it looks like Nico is taking on an even larger role than we thought she would have, even more so than DmC's Kat. She's also going to be an integral part of bringing some of the lore from other pieces of the Devil May Cry universe to life. Yes, please!

From what we know about Nico, she's going to be a formidable partner for Nero, rather than the damsel that some insist she might be. Right now, we have no idea whether she'll be playable or not, but if she's an expert at creating firearms and cybernetics, she surely knows how to use them, too. We'd love to test that theory with Nico as a hero to swap in for Nero, especially if she has any awesome costume changes in the interim. She's going to make for some interesting narrative paths, we can just feel it, and we can't wait to hear more about her connection to grandmother Nell, who may finally have a place in the games.

We can't wait to try out Devil May Cry 5 in full, which will be playable for the first time this summer during Gamescom 2018. Otherwise, it's set for a Q1 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Get ready to rock. 

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