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Devil May Cry new animated series joining Castlevania in Adi Shankar’s ‘Bootleg Multiverse’

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Nov 16, 2018, 5:51 PM EST

Dante is about to get his shot at crossover stardom, slashing his way out of Capcom’s eternally popular Devil May Cry game series and onto the small screen in a new animated series from Castlevania showrunner Adi Shankar.

Shankar didn’t reveal to IGN, which first reported the new series, whether it would land alongside the successful Castlevania game spinoff at Netflix. But he did say the two shows will tie together in what he described as a nascent “bootleg multiverse,’ riffing on the popularity of his own subversive “Bootleg Universe” comics. 

Shankar said he spent his own money to acquire screen rights to the DMC franchise “so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too,” adding that his plan for the two game-based series indeed includes the shared-universe potential for crossovers.

Shankar also tweeted a teaser photo for the new series that shows a DMC-real world crossover of a very different kind…but we’ll let you figure it out for yourself:

While Netflix doesn’t reveal hard viewership numbers, Shankar told IGN Castlevania has been a wildfire success. Two seasons deep, the gothed-out story of Trevor Belmont “really over-performed,” he revealed. “It did crazy well. We immediately got greenlit for Season 3.”

Beyond Shankar’s big reveal, details about the new series are light. While a Devil May Cry animated series sounds like a perfect shared-universe complement to Castlevania on Netflix, the streaming giant hasn’t weighed in publicly on whether it’s picking up the series.

We can’t decide which is cooler — Dracula in hell, or Dante in the Belmonts’ castle. Maybe we’ll get both. Stay tuned for more as news come across on where the new series will air, and when we’ll be getting a first look.