Devoe strikes and the stakes have never been higher for Dibny in the latest Flash 

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Feb 28, 2018, 4:50 PM EST (Updated)

The team tracked down another one of the metahumans from the bus, and the case gets personal for Dibny. Team Flash also gets a long-awaited callback to the Savitar saga, though it doesn’t go nearly as well as planned.

Spoilers ahead for “Subject 9,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, Feb.  27!

Team Flash failed spectacularly, and it was darn compelling to watch things all fall apart. For an episode about a country-music-singing, cowboy-hat-wearing metahuman with sonic powers, this one went dark and went dark hard. Dibny uses his PI skills to figure out one of the long-lost bus metas is aspiring country singer Izzy Bowen. Despite his hatred of the genre, Dibny makes a connection with Izzy — and Team Flash is fully invested in her when they realize her powers can actually do some damage against DeVoe.

Dibny talks her into staying, but Barry pushes Izzy too hard to master her powers and she leaves to take on DeVoe alone —  a decision that has disastrous consequences in the end. As usual, the team epically fails to stop DeVoe after rushing out to try and save Izzy. DeVoe takes out Barry and Dibny with his cocktail of stolen superpowers, then uses his forcefield tech to force Barry and Dibny to watch as he sucks the life out of Izzy with Dibny just a few feet away, trying to offer what little comfort he can while the reaper closes in. He’s made sacrifices along the way, but this was Dibny’s first true loss since joining the superhero world. Losing a loved one is a crucible within a hero’s journey, and Dibny took it right in the heart this week.

But it was the way he handled it that really showed how far Dibny has come this year. The shot of him huddled on the floor, listening to Izzy’s demo album, was absolutely brutal. But despite that heartache, he’s still thinking about others, as he whips out a “Barry Allen: Private Investigator” card he’d put together for Barry, in the wake of his indefinite suspension from Star City PD. Despite his pain, Dibny knows he’s not alone anymore. Instead of spiraling into his sadness, he leans on the people in his life — because he finally has people in his life. He even channels that loss into a drive to stop DeVoe, and takes on that challenge with a vow to stop DeVoe himself. The Flash might be on the title card, but Dibny continues to steal this show.

DeVoe’s story also continued to move forward in the most unexpected ways possible, as he jumped once again into a new body, after essentially burning through Becky’s body due to the increased strain of having so many powers on tap. Sadly, it stands to reason Izzy’s body won’t fare much better, and as long as he’s wearing that face, it’ll almost certainly be a strain for Dibny to try and fight the woman he had feeling for.

Assorted musings



*Harry is back, and hilariously trying to make friends. Pairing Harry and Cecile makes for an interesting dynamic, and though it seems a bit odd on the surface, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Harry’s social anxiety has made for an interesting piece of his makeup, and to see him reaching out to Cecile shows real growth. Plus, it helps spark an idea that almost levels the playing field against DeVoe. He’s also still struggling with his relationship with Jesse, which is a shame. Here’s hoping they can work things out.

*Speaking of DeVoe: Fans will almost certainly remember DeVoe getting a namedrop by future Barry during the Savitar saga last season, as he noted offhand to Barry that they would eventually build a “Cerebral inhibitor” to try and stop the Thinker. Harry inadvertently creates it here, which leads Barry to think they’re on the verge of a breakthrough. DeVoe shuts it down almost immediately, though, but it stands to reason this thing will surface again. Harry needs a win, and the 3.0 version can hopefully do some damage.

*Izzy’s Southern accent might have been a bit wobbly, but she was an interesting and layered character for a one-off. They did an excellent job of fleshing out her motivations, as she is on the verge of her big break and only wants to get back to her life. Sadly, it seems the world will never get to rock out to that debut album.

*So DeVoe’s secret lair is located in its own pocket dimension? That makes a lot of sense, considering the gang couldn’t actually find it while searching DeVoe’s home. Building in a pocket dimension gives you all the room you could want, though you have to wonder about the property values there.

Next week: Time stops with a bomb threatening the city.

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