DeVoe’s plan finally revealed and a Mystery Girl twist in the latest Flash

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May 2, 2018, 6:43 PM EDT (Updated)

DeVoe has been working on his master plan for literally the entire season, and now we finally know what he’s cooking up — though we still don’t know exactly how all the pieces fit.

Spoilers ahead for “Therefore She Is,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

You’re nothing without me.” -Marlize

This season has done a fairly good job at digging into the lives of DeVoe and his wife Marlize, showing their quiet moments and making clear that — yeah, they might be evil — but they’re still people. We’ve gotten to watch their relationship slowly fall apart, piece by piece, as DeVoe absorbed more powers and grew further away from the man he was when the journey began. This week, he finally goes too far.

Marlize has made for an interesting figure as of late, fresh off the reveal that she’s basically been an unwitting prisoner in DeVoe’s web, as he had been drugging her to keep her compliant. After watching him kill innocents with abandon while gathering the materials for his machines, she’d finally had enough. As DeVoe reveled in the joy of almost crushing Gypsy’s windpipe, she finally realized that DeVoe — at least her DeVoe — is dead. And has been for a while. As she notes, he was actually “The Thinker’s” first victim, clearly a nod to when his original dead body was planted in Barry’s apartment. She manages to talk him down, but it’s still clear that DeVoe’s mission has shifted. He’s no longer out to save humanity, he simply wants to rule it.

So Marlize hits the road, and orchestrates a clever exit to ensure DeVoe can’t follow her. She also drops some sick burns on the way out the door, and at least judging by the surprise on DeVoe’s face, it seems this was one twist even The Thinker not have seen coming. The real question is what happens to her now? Does she stay on the sidelines? Team up with Flash to try and stop her husband?

The heart of Marlize’s story is filled in via flashback, as we see the early days of her relationship and exactly how she came to join in on DeVoe’s crusade. After getting a peek at his manifesto, Marlize runs to join the Peace Corps. — only to have her water purification tech stolen during a massacre at a remote village. It’s that experience that pushes her into DeVoe’s camp, siding with his notion that technology is what has corrupted humanity. So, they devise a plan to “dumb down” humanity to the point where they won’t know how to use it. Put simply, it’s mass lobotomization via satellite with dark matter.

DeVoe basically thinks he can save humanity by making them stupider, then teach them the “right” way once their brain reboots complete. It’s a bonkers plan, to be sure, but at least now we know his endgame. We still don’t know exactly why he needed all those specific meta human powers, or how Barry fits into this plan (DeVoe notes he still needs Barry around), but it’s all slowly starting to come into focus.

Assorted musings


*The universe-hopping romance between Cisco and Gypsy have come to a bittersweet end. After Cisco decides to turn down Breacher’s job offer, he tells Gypsy their long distance relationship isn’t enough for him. With no way to reconcile their wants, they kiss goodbye. At least for now. It was a heartbreaking moment, but felt like a true story in connection where these characters have come from. We’ve seen their struggles to connect, and that would certainly start to weigh on them by this point. Here’s hoping that’s not the last we’ve seen of Gypsy, though.

*Harry finally came clean to Team Flash about his diminishing intelligence, though Cecile’s mind-reading comes in handy to help him get out a few more brilliant ideas as his intelligence fades away. This story didn’t get a ton of space to breathe this week, but it’s still a compelling one. Who is Harry without the trait that has defined him his entire life? Who are any of us? It’s a fascinating question.

*Caitlin is also still struggling to revive Killer Frost, but she seems as determined as ever to get her back. Yes, please.

*It didn’t last long, but seeing Team Flash finally get the drop on DeVoe was extremely satisfying. 

*Mystery Girl returned to deliver a diaper bag to Joe and Cecile as a gift, but the big reveal came a bit later. After leaving the party, Mystery Girl uses super-speed to run off. So, she’s officially a speedster. We don’t know who or what she’s up to, but she’s definitely connected to the Speed Force. After seeing her pop up at the baby shower, could she maybe be Joe and Cecile’s future baby, back in time to help save the day? Or something? Theories abound.

Next week: Team Flash teams up with Amunet to take on The Thinker. Fireworks will ensue, we’re sure.