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Diablo III: Eternal Collection is the best co-op Switch game yet

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Dec 9, 2018, 2:00 PM EST

Diablo has been the gold standard for loot-dropping, demon-felling entertainment ever since the first game's original release in 1996. Since then, gamers have been clamoring for more. Luckily, developers aside from Blizzard have been more than happy to deliver serviceable alternatives to the hit franchise in a desperate bid to rekindle the very first time players tore into the sweeping adventure, but most end up only a shell of the game they're trying to imitate.

It's taken quite some time to release the third entry into the beloved series, Diablo III, and because of that lengthy in-between period, the heavy-hitter hasn't always been on everyone's minds. When it did make its way to players, it was regarded as a fantastic return to form, rife with colorful new additions and the very same delectable slick gameplay we know and love. In many ways, it was a whole new beast to younger players and those who had never ventured forth to purchase one of Blizzard's beloved creations. Now, it's finally made its way to a very unlikely place: the Nintendo Switch, and it couldn't be more at home. 

The Switch has a vast library of multiplayer and co-op games, but by and large, Diablo III takes the cake in terms of scope, content, and faithfulness to the original game. If you've been looking for a reason to give the game a try, but for whatever reason haven't, be it a lack of a gaming PC or interest in one of the other current-get consoles, the Switch version is the best reason to go ahead and pull the trigger. 

Four players are supported on the same system, with only one copy of the game required. That's a massive boon for the Switch version of the game, especially considering the fact that many games only support two without having to attach another Switch system or going online. This can be down via both online and local co-op play, and drop-in and drop-out functionality are supported, of course.

Despite being on the Switch, which is prone to some slowdown here and there when it comes to some games, it's still incredibly powerful and capable of handling the complex action going on in just about every screen, whether you're at the beginning of a dungeon or deeply entrenched within it. 

Diablo is a game all about slaying demons, looting their corpses, and clearing out the dungeons they dwell in. Obviously, there's plenty of lore to sift through as well, especially if you've been around from the beginning, but it can be enjoyed even by players who have never touched a Diablo game in the first place. Everything comes together to make a fantastic port with little or no slowdown, accessibility options, and plenty of capability to let folks play together the way that they want to. 

Perhaps the greatest part about the entire thing is that you can play it anywhere you want as you take your Switch with you on the go. You get the entirety of the game as well as all the expansions released for the title previously, as well as some fun Nintendo-exclusive goodies, like Ganondorf's armor, an adorable Cucco pet, Triforce portrait frame, and other fun additions marking its debut on the Nintendo Switch. It's the first time Nintendo has played host to an iconic series like Diablo, so the companies had to pull out all the stops this time around. 

The Switch port features everything you expect from the PC and console versions, with little or no sacrifices beyond a bit longer of a wait time when loading new areas. The controls feel fantastic, as you move with the left analog stick on your typical Joy-Con or Pro Controller setup, dodge, and roll with the right stick, and map abilities and skills to the other controller buttons at your leisure. Using the Pro Controller is indeed recommended, as it gives you the closest approximation to playing on a PC or more powerful system, albeit with a gamepad. 

To those who never defeated a vile Butcher (like the one in the original game) and the poor souls never denied access to a spell — "not enough mana" — Diablo III on Switch is a great way for new players to get acquainted, and a great excuse for seasoned players to jump in again, as well. If you're looking for your next Switch co-op fix, you've found it here. 

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