Did 3 former Doctors spotted at the BBC film cameos for Who's Xmas special?

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Sep 26, 2013

Remember those three former Doctors seen "protesting" in front of the BBC about two weeks ago? Yes? No? Then check out Exhibit Afor a short refresher.


Okay! Now that's cleared up, let's proceed, shall we?

Let's begin by saying that something Timey Wimey fishy is definitely up, according to Bleeding Cool.

Why? Because now it seems that those three former Doctors—Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor), Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor) and Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor)—have been spotted at the studios in Roath Lock, which is the BBC’s studio base for the show down in Cardiff Bay.

This seems to be supported by those tweets here.

Now, as you may all know, production is currently in full swing on the Doctor Who Christmas special (including Matt Smith's wig and all) in which the Eleventh Doctorour beloved Mad Man in the Big Blue Boxplayed by Smith, will sadly regenerate into its Twelfth incarnation to be brought to life by Peter Capaldi (Torchwood: Children of Earth). It’ll also star, interestingly enough, Orla Brady and Jenna Coleman and a bunch of Cybermen. Again. (Orla Brady and the Cybermen appeared in the Doctor Who Christmas special “The Next Doctor” just a few years back.)

Now, back to Davison, Baker and McCoy.

The gist of the rumor is—supported by original reports coming to Bleeding Cool, to be sure—that all three former Doctors may (and we emphasize the word 'may') be making an appearance in the Doctor Who Xmas special. (Peter Davison confirmed his involvement in the Who 50th anniversary ep. to be aired on Nov. 23; so why not put in an appearance in the Xmas special as well?)

Or, and that seems likely enough as well, the actors may also be simply filming a sketch of some sort for one of this year's Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebratory specials. Perhaps they've already shot some material at the BBC’s old buildings in White City? (Exhibit A again.)

What do you think about all this?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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