Sesame Street's Grover And The USO
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Did Grover just say what we think he said on Sesame Street? Twitter kicks up a spirited debate

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Dec 28, 2018, 2:39 PM EST

For a Muppet of such super heroic caliber, Grover is the least of Jim Henson’s upstanding bunch we’d expect to venture into the Happytime Murders realm of raunch. But a recent appearance on Sesame Street may just change our tune.

Perhaps this type of behavior can be accepted on The Muppet Show, where waka-waka wackiness is the norm, but Sesame Street is certainly no place for F-bombs, which many a Twitterer seems to think Grover casually dropped while speaking to a lighter blue monster on the apparently-not-so-safe-for-children PBS program.

The whole debate — which brings back memories of Yanny vs. Laurel, the “auditory illusion” that’s so famous it’s got its own Wikipedia page — started where else but reddit. Redditor schrodert posted the clip above, while attributing the find to “my daughter’s obsession with Elmo” — Sesame Street’s less pirate-mouthed red monster — and making this keen observation: “Listen once thinking Grover says ‘Yes, yes, that’s a f**king excellent idea’ then again KNOWING he actually says ‘Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.’ I hear either based on what I’m thinking”.

Which obviously kicked off quite the hilarious debate on Reddit, which soon bled into all realms of internet observation, and has now spawned at least one Twitter hashtag we never thought we’d see:

To be sure, the good folks behind the show, Sesame Workshop, likely didn’t intend for Grover to come even remotely close to cursing, and if you do a little puppet lip reading, any reasonable believer in all things right and good should be able to discern that Grover is actually saying: “That sounds like an excellent idea.”

But it sure sounds like our little blue friend should have warned his young audience to put on earmuffs.

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