Did J.J. Abrams just tease us with a pic of the Star Wars VII screenplay?

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Jul 19, 2013, 4:45 PM EDT

J. J. Abrams lives for a good mystery and misses no opportunity to drop hints, rumors and false hopes for all his Bad Robot Productions movie and TV projects, from Lost to Fringe and Cloverfield to Super 8.  With him at the helm for the new Star Wars saga, expect a funhouse of surprises as the production gets underway. 

Here's a tempting morsel.

Abrams tweeted this intriguing photo Tuesday of a freshly printed stack of screenplays, three to be exact, with the message: "Hot off the presses. Can you guess what's behind the cover?"


Is it the first draft of Michael Arndt's Star Wars: Episode VII, loaded with demonic droids, dazzling lightsabers and streaking starships?  Is this tantalizing "trio" of scripts bound for Mark Hamill's, Carrie Fisher's and Harrison Ford's eyes only?  I bet Abrams isn't telling.  What do you think?

(Via Nerd Approved)