Did Jurassic Park really channel The Goonies? The Internet wants to know

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Jurassic Park fans, hold on to your butts! While it's not unusual for Steven Spielberg to cheekily drop in a few cinematic references now and then in his films – like putting a hieroglyphic C3PO and R2D2 in Raiders of the Lost Ark or an homage to himself by sticking the Ark of the Covenant in Kingdom of the Crsystal Skull – the Internet has managed to dig up what is probably the ultimate dino-powered tribute... to (drum roll please)... The Goonies of all movies!

Some eagle-eyed Netizens have posted pictures that purport to show the park's scheming computer programmer, Dennis Nery (played by Seinfeld star Wayne Knight), decked out in duds that are a clear homage to the clothes worn by Goonies kids Chunk, Mouth and Mikey. Check out the mosaic Twitter user Shawn Robare put together and see for yourself!

Either Spielberg's too clever by half with this easter egg, or someone in Jurassic Park's costume department was having a little fun. In any case, we got to hand it to Robare and other fanboys like Reddit user shadewfb for the find.

Nedry's yellow rain jacket when he's trying to escape Isla Nublar is a near carbon copy to Mikey's slicker in The Goonies and the same applies pretty much to the other two outfits - like the pattern on Nedry's Hawaiian shirt when he's doing a deal for the dino embryos , albeit the color of the flowers are slightly different.



Spielberg, of course, is credited for dreaming up the story and executive producing the 1985 comedy adventure, which was helmed by Richard Donner. The Goonies followed a band of kids hunting for gold left behind by pirate One Eyed Willy in order to save their parents' homes from a bunch of predatory developers and is now considered something of an '80s classic, especially thanks to tributes by the makers of Stranger Things.

No word from Spielberg's camp whether indeed the nod was intentional. Perhaps next time he can try working Sloth into the next Indiana Jones?