Did Marc Webb just let slip that Venom is in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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Feb 7, 2013, 10:33 AM EST (Updated)

Director Marc Webb has been dropping shots from the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2 all week, but the latest could just be a bombshell. Is the classic Spider-Man baddie Venom a part of the sequel?

Webb’s latest pic is innocent enough, showing off a small laboratory locker in what we assume is Oscorp, but the implications could be huge. The director could just be baiting us all, but in the Ultimate run of Spider-Man the Venom goo comes from a locker very similar to this one. 

Instead of the classic extraterrestrial origin that was featured in the original comic run and Spider-Man 3, the Ultimate series reimagined the black goo as an experimental cancer cure with unexpected side effects. In the comics, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock discover the remnants of the project in a laboratory locker. Hmm. 

This could go a few different directions. It could all just be misdirection, or perhaps Webb is planting the seeds for a full-scale Venom-centric third film. He’s shown a penchant for planning a few steps ahead, and fans would love to see some Venom breadcrumbs start dropping. Plus, it makes sense they’d use a different origin story than the one Sam Raimi tackled just a few years ago.

The teaser’s intriguing, but it still feels like a long shot that Webb would blow a villain as cool as Venom as an extra baddie. With Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti) already confirmed for part two, you’d have to think Webb is smart enough not to try and cram another one in there just for kicks. We all know how the awful baddie overload in Spider-Man 3 worked out for Sam Raimi, remember?

Regardless, this is definitely intriguing. If nothing else, Webb has succeeded in making us all geek out over something as innocuous as a picture of a closed locker. Well played.

What do you think the pic means? Is Webb playing the long game, just messing with us, or teasing a full-on third baddie for this film?

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