Did the monsters for Matt Smith's last Who episode just get spoiled?

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Sep 3, 2013, 3:16 PM EDT (Updated)

Are these the villains who will be responsible for the 11th Doctor's regeneration?

When we're not thinking of all the potential secrets to be revealed in Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary special, our Who brains are dedicated to wondering about the true fall of the 11th. Will it still happen at Trenzalore? Will Smith get a farewell tour the way that Tennant did?

One of the biggest questions, though, is "How will he die, and who will be responsible?" It seems that this questions may have been accidentally answered. Spoilers ahead!

A stuntperson for Doctor Who, Darrelle Parker, tweeted, "Great to be stunting again for Dr Who in the Christmas special playing a Cyberman" before promptly deleting the tweet. While rumor has it the Cybermen will also appear in the 50th special, that would not account for a tweet in August, months after the filming for that episode was completed.

If Doctor Who is, indeed, looking back after 50 years, it's fortuitous that the Cyberman would be responsible for the 11th Doctor's death. After all, their first appearence in The Tenth Planet was the first time the Doctor ever regenerated.

What do you think? Does the prospect of Cybermen at Christmas excite you?

(via Doctor Who TV)