Did this new Star Trek Beyond video just reveal a new alien race?

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Sep 3, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

While Star Trek Beyond is set to be released next year, right on time for the 50th anniversary of the beloved sci-fi franchise, a charity campaign known as Star Trek: To Boldly Go on has been up and running for a little while now, with the cast and crew of the Enterprise using the upcoming Star Trek movie in order to raise money for a couple of charities.

A new collection of outtakes, bloopers and flubbed lines from the set has been released, hosted by Scotty himself, actor Simon Pegg. What’s more interesting here is that the video may have possibly revealed a new alien race for the movie … or have they? Check it out below, and look around the 1:55 mark (if you want to skip the shenanigans), where a dude walks onto the set while holding the bust of an alien.

Doesn’t that guy look an itsy tiny bit familiar? The good folks over at Cinema Blend have pointed out that the new alien looks a lot like a Talaxian, which is Neelix's race in Star Trek: Voyager. I agree that the new mysterious alien does look a lot like him, although there are a certain amount of differences between them.

First off, Talaxians have hair, while this new guy doesn’t. However, both feature the head ridge along the edges of the skull, as well as the cheekbones. There are some marked differences in ears and coloring (as Cinema Blend also pointed out), and it's obvious that while the two have ridges, they're pretty different, with the new alien having pointy spike thingies along them. Could it simply be an updated look for the Delta Quadrant alien? Or are they simply two different beasts? Have a look at the two pics below to compare.

Star Trek Beyond new alien:

And here's Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager:

What do you guys think of the new alien? Directed by Justin Lin, Star Trek Beyond will warp into movie theaters on July 8, 2016.

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