Did Ron Howard tweet out a Han Solo clue through Ralph McQuarrie's art?

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:00 PM EST (Updated)

Star Wars fans pounce on any little morsel they can get their paws on. Once one comes along, it doesn't take long for diehards to hit the ground running. Remember how quickly Porgs took off? J.J. Abrams was extremely secretive about any details about Episode VII, and we shouldn't be surprised about a similar lockdown for Episode IX.

Then there's Ron Howard, director of the Han Solo movie, who has been much more forthcoming with teasing fans with photos and Easter eggs from the set than other directors.

Take this one below, in which he prompts Star Wars fans to help him translate this reproduction of an ancient ruin.  

But where would Star Wars fans be clever enough to offer their suggestions? Less than two hours later, one fan with an eagle eye named Paul Bateman recognized this carving and distressed ruin to be the language seen on a piece by the late Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie, who inspired the aesthetic for what we all visualize as the world of Star Wars. Bateman, also a concept designer and art director, called McQuarrie one of his friends.

Now theories are being spun about what this means for the Han Solo film. Bateman claims it was a font that McQuarrie came up with, though it wasn't necessarily translated into a language we can derive a meaning for.

What this does mean is that we can link one location for the Han Solo film to be Yavin IV, if we continue to use McQuarrie's art as Star Wars' visual bible. Savvy fans will recall Yavin IV as the hidden military base for the Rebel Alliance and is one of the many moons orbiting the gas giant planet Yavin on the outer rim of the galaxy. It features the large cover of a jungle and forest and was seen in Episode IV: A New Hope and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where the plans to destroy the first Death Star were first drawn up.

Since this is a prequel film, maybe Solo was around when the Rebel Base set up camp. Howard has yet to reply to Bateman's find, but he probably didn't expect a reply to come so quickly.

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