Did Seth Rogen just hire Preacher's director on Twitter?

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Sep 15, 2014, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Make a comment on Twitter, get yourself a gig directing Preacher!

That is what may well have happened last Friday evening (Sept. 12), when an impromptu exchange involving actor/writer/producer Seth Rogen, Ain't It Cool News scribe Eric Vespe and director Duncan Jones turned quickly into Rogen asking Jones -- who's currently immersed in finishing the long-awaited Warcraft movie -- if he wants to direct the Preacher series that Rogen is adapting for AMC.

It all started when Vespe wondered aloud on Twitter if Rogen and his producing/writing partner, Evan Goldberg, would consider casting Kurt Russell as the villainous Saint of Killers for the show. Jones, who apparently had not heard that Preacher was being adapted, replied to Vespe and asked if it was being made as a movie or TV series. Things escalated from there (warning: foul language ahead):

Jones's first reply ws a joke:

But then he got down to business:

To which Rogen enthusiastically replied:

The thread got even wilder after that, with a fan suggesting that Rian Johnson -- who's currently prepping to write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII -- get a crack at the show too:

Rogen seemed to like this idea as well:

Whether any of this comes to pass is another matter entirely, but since Jones is in post-production on Warcraft and Johnson is just getting started on Star Wars, I'd say the odds are likelier than Jones might end up directing some of Preacher

So there you have it! We might have just witnessed the hiring of Preacher's first director -- live on Twitter.

(via Slashfilm)

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