Did the Russo Brothers just tease the coming of the first Infinity War trailer?

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 PM EDT (Updated)

An unsettling number three with eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs could be a harbinger of big news from Marvel Studios, courtesy of the Russo Brothers.

The directing duo behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War are also taking care of the massive, star-studded, back-to-back Avengers sequels, the first of which will be Infinity War in May 2018. With so much hype around the Thanos-centric movie only six months out, you'd think we'd have gotten a teaser trailer already, unless you count the start-of-production featurette from last winter. If you don't count that, could the wait for an actual preview with some tantalizing footage of the comic-book event be nearing its end? 

We may now have some proof, courtesy of this Instagram post from the Russos:

The meaning is not exactly clear. It could denote that something is coming in three hours, three days or on Dec. 3. While the timetable is up for debate, it has spurred speculation that the directors could be teasing the first real look at Infinity War, and — given that storyline's tremendous scope — fans would probably be happy with 30 seconds of Josh Brolin taunting the Avengers offscreen as we see them battered and bruised or something like that. Heck, we'd take that voice-over as the Infinity Stones come together against a cosmic backdrop. Or, maybe we'll get a glimpse of the footage shown to audiences at D23 Expo over the summer of Thanos lifting a moon and throwing it at the good guys. Now wouldn't that be something?

The Russos' post is certainly noteworthy after a leak of videos that seem to be actual footage from Avengers 3 showing Captain America, Scarlet Witch, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Thanos — at least his voice. (The clips have since been pulled down.) 

Whatever the directors are alluding to, it can't get here soon enough.