Did The Walking Dead just let its longest-running extra ‘die’ of natural causes?

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Oct 15, 2018, 4:20 PM EDT

You can survive zombies. You can survive factional infighting. You can even survive the wrath of Negan and the Saviors. But in the world of The Walking Dead, when it’s your time to go, well — perhaps it’s just your time. 

Eagle-eyed TWD fans are waging the best kind of flame war against the show they love after one Reddit user pointed out that one particular non-speaking extra — an older man who’d appeared in Alexandria’s background scenes from Season 5 all the way onward — is evidently no longer with us, after dying offscreen after Season 8 “of natural causes,” according to his extremely well-reported wiki page

Outbreak survivor Bob Miller (hey, this guy has a name but no dialogue?) has, according to the wiki, ended his time in this vale of tears because “his old age and the multiple time skips in the storyline for Season 9” made it implausible that “an elderly character such as Bob Miller” would remain alive heading into the current season. 

Miller's the guy in brown pants on the far left, strolling toward the street billiards scene in Season 5:

The Walking Dead Extra Bob Miller


Played by Curtis “don’t-call-me ’50 Cent’” Jackson, Miller showed up in no fewer than 16 episodes according to the wiki, beginning with “Remember,” the 12th episode in Season 5. He had a knack for showing up to bear witness to the tensest of moments, including climactic scenes in Season 7’s “Hearts Still Beating” episode that saw the deaths of both Spencer (thanks, Negan) and Olivia (thanks, Arat). 

In a Reddit thread launched by user FightTheDead118, fans inveighed, mostly in a tongue-in-cheek way, against AMC for deciding Bob had gotten too old to soldier on. “They keep killing all the best characters. I'm f***ing done with this show. See you next week,” joked OneEyedCoral, while MercymainOverwatch drew a line: “I could take Glenn.. I could take Carl.. I could take Maggie.. I could take RICK! But I cannot stand for this! This show is CANCELLED. I’m done.”

But leave it to at least one Reddit user to find the silver lining, pointing out that a true survivor of the zombie plague who manages to achieve a peaceful death is, on a show like this, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all: “The guy lived long enough to die of natural causes in the damned zombie apocalypse,” wrote OnMyOtherAccount. “That’s pretty much as badass as it gets.”

Season 9 of The Walking Dead continues — even if Bob Miller doesn’t — at 9 p.m. this Sunday on AMC.