Did a UFO just try to re-create a Trek 2 scene in a Mexico volcano?

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Jun 4, 2013

Either aliens are taking J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness way too seriously, or something weird just crashed into a Mexican volcano.

Some news footage from an alleged UFO sighting around the Popocateptl volcano has surfaced via a local newscast, showing what appears to be a lighted craft making a sharp turn and flying into the volcano. Honestly, it is pretty reminiscent of that awesome opening scene in Into Darkness.

So is it legit? Probably not, at least according to Mutual UFO Network video analyst Marc Dantonio, who said the video is likely just a jet passing by at a different angle, and it only seems to fly into the volcano because of the video perspective:

"I am leaning toward the object being a captured commercial jet passing through the field of view. Several elements of this video are initially startling, firstly that the object appears to be moving fast, and secondly, that it appears to be descending into the volcano. Because this is a time-lapse video, however, the speed is an illusion, and the flight path of the object and the descending appearance are likely an illusion of perspective, as well."

So, sorry, alien hunters -- we might not ever know if E.T.s made a crash landing in that volcano. At least, not without Spock to send in there and check it out.

(Via Movies.com)

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