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Did we all miss this Cloak and Dagger Easter egg in Luke Cage?

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Jun 26, 2018, 1:14 PM EDT

While Marvel has been (mostly) consistent about keeping its TV characters separate from their big-screen counterparts, it looks like the small screen characters are starting to overlap just a bit — and we're not just talking about The Defenders.  

In the sophomore season of Luke Cage, which was recently released on Netflix, a very specific reference is seemingly made to a character from Cloak and Dagger, another Marvel show currently airing on the Freeform network.

Warning: some spoilers for the second season of Luke Cage to follow.

When the bionic-armed Misty Knight (Simone Missick) visits the office of the late Captain Ridenhour (Peter Jay Fernandez), she finds the gun and badge she'd surrendered in a previous episode. It's a particularly emotional moment for Knight, who's then told by Detective Tyler (Antonique Smith) that "Callahan is in Maui, and O’Reilly moved to New Orleans. None of them know you quit. West said until One Police Plaza sends somebody else, you’re the highest ranking detective here."


Knight's unexpected promotion aside, Tyler mentioning O'Reilly sure seems like a reference to Brigid O'Reilly (Emma Lahana), one of the detectives from Cloak and Dagger. Given that Freeform's teen-friendly superhero show takes place in New Orleans, and O'Reilly has been regularly chastised by her fellow cops for being from New York City, it makes the likelihood of them being the same character fairly likely. 

While this has yet to be 100 percent confirmed, Marvel's penchant for crossing over characters between franchises does make it seem likely. This could also imply that O'Reilly's used to dealing with superhero antics and the resulting fallout. Having that on her resume could come into play if (or when) she confronts Cloak and Dagger's titular teen duo. 

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