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Did you catch Cloak and Dagger's Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connection?

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Marvel TV shows go far and wide on the fringes of their superpowered universe, but one thing is certain about them: They’re all in the same world. Not simply in an aesthetic sense, though much of Marvel’s TV solar system obeys the same laws as the films, but in a shared history. That much became clear when Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger premiered and -- where some people thought they spotted an easter egg -- continued Marvel’s longstanding conflict with superpowers and the corporations that create, exploit, and hope to control them.

**This story contains spoilers for the first episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger**

As spotted by the savvy folks at, the interconnectivity of Marvel shows spans decades of in-show time. That’s how Agent Carter, Cloak & Dagger, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. all deal with the same mysterious substance and its owners. Okay, it sounds like a stretch, but hear it out.

The premiere of Cloak & Dagger shows a Roxxon Corporation rig explode in a harbor, release a pulse of energy, and ultimately empower Tandy and Tyrone with their abilities. That’s nothing too special. It’s a plot device used in superhero TV as varied as, for example, Static Shock. But how Roxxon got whatever blew its ship up takes knowledge of a few shows and a mind for conspiracy. Agent Peggy Carter bumped into Darkforce (aka Zero Matter) when she kept running into the company Isodyne Energy. Darkforce was dangerous, opening rifts in reality and turning scientists into ice sculptures (if they were lucky).

In the show’s second season, the episode "The Atomic Job" centered on a theft of Darkforce. That led to it being dropped, a container shattered, and a dark pulse of energy emanating from the cracked case. So that’s a good indicator that the same substance empowered Tandy and Tyrone. But how did it go from Isodyne to Roxxon? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has your answer in its Season 4 episode "The Good Samaritan." Isodyne went bust, the episode explains (which makes sense if your main asset busted and spread its sinister-looking energy out into the world), and its assets were scooped up by... yep, Roxxon.

The energy corporation has its hands in all sorts of devious pies, including the yakuza (if Daredevil is to be believed). Cloak & Dagger is just one more step in Marvel’s ultimate definition of this corporate Thanos.