Did you catch this huge, blink and you'll miss it Easter egg in the Flash finale?

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May 26, 2016, 3:58 PM EDT

It happened so quickly, and at such a critical moment, that you may not have spotted some major foreshadowing in The Flash’s recent season finale.

Spoilers ahead for The Flash’s season finale!

At the end of Barry’s climactic battle with Zoom, the time wraiths swoop in and carry Zoom off to Speed Force Hell (or something) for all the trouble he’s been causing across the multiverse. But, when they grab him and start flying away, Zoom’s suit (and face) undergo a couple of changes.

As keen-eyed fans might have noticed (I nearly pointed it out in my review-cap of the episode that night, but wasn’t 100 percent sure that’s what I saw), Zoom’s lightning bolt on his suit turn white, his ear bolts turn red, and his face is near-zombified (thank you, slow motion and screen grabs!). If that look sounds familiar, it should: Zoom changes into a spot-on incarnation of the Black Flash from DC lore, a figure who is basically a specter of death for speedsters (less Big Bad, more grim reaper).

As Entertainment Weekly notes, the visual inclusion also digs a bit deeper into the comic/TV connection, as Flash producer Geoff Johns actually wrote a comic arc where Barry Allen serves as the Black Flash in The Flash: Rebirth. So, yeah, that was certainly no accident. Symmetry!

Did you catch the change during the finale?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)