Did Daredevil reboot director just reveal the new Matt Murdock?

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Dec 17, 2012

We haven't heard too much on the proposed big-screen reboot of Marvel Comics' Daredevil in a while, but the film's director, David Slade, has now opened up about who he wants to take over for Ben Affleck as the new Matt Murdock.

Apparently, Slade wouldn't mind having Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down, 30 Days of Night) in the title role, at least according to a recent Twitter post. A follower of Slade recently tweeted:

"I hope @DAVID_A_SLADE gets back to the Daredevil stuff soon, and I hope, maybe, Josh Hartnett could finally get a Marvel role."
Slade's response? "You and me both."

Now, he could just be referring to the fact that he's glad to get back to work on Daredevil—but, if he's actually looking at Hartnett, it could be an interesting move.

He's already proven he can carry a decent sci-fi flick with 30 Days of Night, and if he can still pull off those Black Hawk Down action chops, it could work.

The new Daredevil is allegedly a different take from the so-so 2003 effort, and is currently being rewritten by James Kelly, based on Frank Miller's Born Again arc.

Sound off: Would you like to see Hartnett defending the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen?

(Via Digital Spy)

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