Did David Letterman blow the ending of TDKR? Or was he joking?

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Dec 17, 2012

There are a lot of places you might expect to find spoilers to big summer movies, but late-night talk shows usually aren't among them. Christopher Nolan and company have kept a tight lid on how The Dark Knight Rises wraps up, but all that secrecy may have just been thwarted by The Late Show's David Letterman. Or not.

While interviewing Dark Knight Rises co-star Anne Hathaway, Letterman asked a question that may or may not have let slip a portion of the film's ending. We're not talking about it until after the video below, so if you don't want even the possibility of a spoiler, go ahead and click away now. If you're brave enough to press on, check out the clip and then we'll talk.

So what do you think? Obviously Letterman was quick to claim that he was joking, but was he really? If he actually did let it slip, Hathaway certainly did a good job of concealing her surprise.

At any rate, even if he did reveal that Batman dies at the end of the flick, he certainly didn't reveal how, and a lot of fans have probably been thinking the film is hedging that way anyway with Nolan's promise of a definite conclusion to his story. Either way, we won't know if the Internet is right to condemn Letterman for sins against Nolan until the flick opens next week.

(Via EW)