Did FlashForward just give us a major Lost spoiler?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Remember last season's Lost cliffhanger, in which (sorry, but there's a spoiler coming, so if you don't want to read it, you'd better look away right now) Jack hoped that by detonating a hydrogen bomb on the island, he'd be able to prevent the crash of Oceanic Flight 815? Well, some sharp-eyed viewers spotted a billboard in the background of a scene during the FlashForward season premiere which seems to indicate that's exactly what happened, and have been speculating about it over at the ABC message boards. Wrote feetsdr:

OK, so we all saw the Oceanic billboard. Really cute. But did you read it? The top line says 'Perfect Safety Record'. What's up with that?
To which SpectreNUT replied:
The "perfect safety record" ties in with the fact that Season 6 is going to start out with the "alternate timeline" as if the plane never crashed. The Bomb was detonated by Jack at the end of Season 5 and theoretically that was supposed to change everything. So, based on THAT premise, Oceanic's record WOULD BE PERFECT.
We have no inside information as to whether this theorizing is correct, or whether the series' creators are just playing with our minds ... but it seems to indicate that when Lost returns in January, we'll get to see what it would have been like had Oceanic Flight 815 successfully touched down at its destination. And more than that, it gives us an additonal reason to watch FlashForward, if only to be on the lookout for further Lost clues!