Unusual birthday greeting may have exposed Karl Urban's Dredd voice

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Dec 16, 2012

We've seen plenty of photos of Karl Urban all helmeted up for the upcoming Dredd reboot, but we've yet to get any official word on what his Judge Dredd will sound like. Now Urban himself might have clued us in with a birthday greeting to the character's birthplace.

This year, 2000 AD, the legendary British comics anthology where Joseph Dredd first appeared back in 1977, turns 35. English actor and renowned uber-geek Simon Pegg has been a fan for most of his life, so he decided to send a little birthday greeting to the publication from the set of the Star Trek sequel.

After naming off some of his favorite strips from the comic, Pegg turns to his Star Trek castmate Urban for "a birthday greeting from Joe Dredd himself." The camera closes in on Urban's mouth as it twists into a sneer, and he says:

"Happy Birthday, creeps."

Given Pegg's introduction and Urban's obvious altering of his accent, there's no reason to think that wouldn't be Dredd's voice. It's only three words, but hey, it's already better than what Stallone came up with.

(via Comic Book Movie)