Did LEGO just reveal Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 spoilers?

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Dec 17, 2012

We can always count on LEGO: not only does the company continue to make cool toys and playsets, but it may have just revealed plot spoilers from both Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel—including a previously unrevealed supervillain to battle Superman.

Screencrush got the skinny from Brick Set, which has published a list of Lego's upcoming superhero playsets. With a number of the sets tied to the release of the films, their title descriptions may have given away some major plot points. If you don't want to know anymore, stop reading now.

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First, here's the list:

76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze - Aquaman on Ice
76001 Batman vs. Bane - Chase with Tumbler
76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown
76003 Superman Battle of Smallville
76004 Spider-Man - Hunting with Spider-Cycle
76005 Spider-Man - Mission at Daily Bugle
76006 Iron Man Extremis
76007 Iron Man Malibu Mansion
76008 Iron Man vs Mandarin
76009 Superman Black Zero Escape

Let's tackle Iron Man 3 first, since the clues from these sets are somewhat less surprising. All three listed are based around plot points that we've either known about for a while or were confirmed with the first showing of footage at Comic-Con this past July—footage that included the destruction of Tony Stark's crib in Malibu and our first glimpse of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin.

That footage also showed Tony using his mind to control his armor, which ties into the Extremis playset. So nothing particularly shocking here.

As for Superman, this is potentially more interesting. Yes, there will be battles in Metropolis and Smallville in Man of Steel—we caught a bit of the Metropolis one at, where else, Comic-Con. We also know (don't ask how) that there's a Smallville confrontation. Up until now, however, it's been assumed that those fights would be between Superman (Henry Cavill) and Zod (Michael Shannon).

But what's this about Black Zero? In the comics, Black Zero was a supervillain who revealed to Superman that he was behind the destruction of Krypton, using his abilities to trigger the internal stresses that caused the planet to explode. He planned to destroy the Earth as well, until Superman stopped him with the help of a freed Kryptonian criminal from the Phantom Zone named Jax-Ur.

Could Black Zero also be showing up in Man of Steel? Keep in mind that not all these playsets might tie directly to the movies (see the "Aquaman on Ice" one, for instance), but as Slashfilm points out, Black Zero seems like kind of a random villain to build a playset around, doesn't he?

Do you think Black Zero will appear in Man of Steel? Will he be an ally of Zod? Do you think he'd be a cool addition to the movie?

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