Did NFL cameras capture a UFO during a football game in New Orleans?

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Dec 15, 2012

Who knew aliens loved football? During a recent game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, broadcasters caught something abnormal on film.

During a commercial break, NBC cameras turned to the triple-steepled, St. Louis Cathedral and spotted some extraterrestrial activity. After a frame-by-frame breakdown, a rod-like vessel with bright lights attached could be seen darting across the sky. Was it a UFO or just a glitch in the camera?

This isn't the first time unexplained objects have found their way onto film. In the past, many UFO "rods" or ships have been documented for the public. But Robert Scheaffer, one of the world's leading UFO skeptics, has found a more realistic explanation for these findings.

He says, "Every time something flies in front of a camera, now it's gonna be a UFO—little bugs, some little bird, anything." In some cases that might be true, but indie filmmaker Jose Escamilla doesn't think the insect argument applies here.

"It could be explained as an insect, but what I've found on a lot of footage over the years is that these things do go behind structures, such as this cathedral tower," Escamilla said. The camera is not focused up close—it's focused at infinity. So any insect that would've flown close to the lens would be invisible, it would be an invisible, blurry thing. This thing was in focus and was on the other side of the cathedral tower!"

Here's the actual video from the NFL broadcast. Tell us what you think is going on. Is it from another planet or one of Earth's own?

(via AOL)