Did the Beastie Boys influence Star Trek's Mr. Spock?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

As noted in our Star Trek review, J.J. Abrams has created a Trekverse in which Budweiser, Nokia cell phones and the Beastie Boys co-exist with phasers, Romulans and the Vulcan nerve pinch.

The inventive Web site Sly Oyster has taken this information and pointed out a weird pop-culture echo chamber effect involving two of those things, suggesting that the Beasties may in fact have influenced Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto).

Here's the reasoning: We see young Kirk punch up the 260-year-old Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" on his stepdad's 280-year Corvette as it's racing toward the cliff. If THAT Beastie Boys song exists in this universe, then so does the more appropriately titled "Intergalactic" (video below), which includes this line:

"If you try to knock me you'll get mocked / I'll stir fry you in my wok / Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop / Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock."

It's therefore logical that Mr. Spock himself may have come across that song—perhaps in his studies at Stafleet Academy—which could have given him the idea for that famous move.

We're just sayin' ...