Did UFOs cut off contact with 50 nuclear missiles?

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Dec 15, 2012

Last October, the military lost the ability to control 50 nuclear Minuteman missiles at F.E. Warren Air Force base. That's frightening enough on its own. But there's another wrinkle to this story—three witnesses who now claim to have seen a UFO at the site during that exact time.

This certainly isn't the first (and probably not the last) time people have come forward with sightings of strange objects in the sky. It's not even the first for F.E. Warren Air Force base. Back in 1965, several people (the base commander included) claimed to have had countless unknown aerial sightings going as far back as 1952.

In the here and now, though, what matters most are those 50 missiles, what disarmed them, and preventing such an incident from happening again. Unexpectedly, there is a wide gap between the official word given and the conspiracy theories. According to Lt. Col. John Thomas, "The initial problem was diagnosed and isolated in about 59 minutes. Within that time, we were able to communicate with all of the missiles." The problem, apparently, was a faulty circuit card.

On the other side of the issue is UFO researcher Robert Hastings, who is quick to point out that a true resolution was not reached in such a short time. According to Hastings, "I have detailed information about the events. The Air Force said this [missile] disruption lasted 59 minutes. It actually lasted the better part of 26 hours. It was intermittent and involved a very specific sequence of these five missile alert facilities going on and offline. I have all of that down to the most minute detail." Not only that, but the unidentified objects reportedly appeared, disappeared and then reappeared all during that time.

The witnesses themselves claim to have been pressured by the military not to speak about what they had seen. Thomas insists that simply isn't true. "If people see things that are unusual, they are encouraged to report them. It's better to report things that might be unexplained so that we can have the appropriate agency or people explore it. We'd rather have more information than less. When people join the military, they don't give up their First Amendment rights."

What do you think? Can we chalk this one up to modern technology on the fritz? Or are little green men spending a little too much time messing with our rockets?

(via AOL; image World UFO Photos)

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