Different future versions of Xavier + Wolverine in X-Men: DOFP concept art

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Jan 27, 2014

The actual film might still be a few months away, but some new concept art from X-Men: Days of Future Past reveals how future-Xavier and future-Wolverine could have looked.

Created by concept artist Keith Christensen, the designs include some slight variations on the Xavier and Wolverine designs we’ve already glimpsed in the trailer. We get to see a few different takes on Xavier’s new, floating wheelchair, plus some different war gear for Wolverine (who is sporting his adamantium claws, it’s worth noting).

Along with those designs, we also get a look at the slightly redesigned Magneto helmet, which will surely feature in the 1970s-set part of the storyline.

So, how do they look? Honestly, they all seem to fit with the Future Past-style future, though it's interesting to get a look at some of the uniform tweaks that were considered during the development process. Regardless, we’re dying to get a look at Bryan Singer’s mutant apocalypse.

The time-jumping hybrid prequel-sequel is set to open May 23. 

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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