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Dig into the depths of a Factory Entertainment SDCC mystery box

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Jul 24, 2017

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially if that shrouded surprise involves a gold mine of geeky goodies at the annual cavalcade of pop culture known as San Diego Comic-Con.

So we popped on over to the Factory Entertainment booth, where creative director Barry Eldridge took us on a tour of some of their coolest collectibles, including an array of die-cast miniatures of Iron Man, Cyborg, and Black Panther, a box set of Game of Thrones baby dragons, a Back to the Future Time Control Keychain, Stan Lee's graphic novel, God Woke, and a sold-out Hand of the Queen bottle opener from Game of Thrones.

But the most suspenseful moment comes from the anticipation of wondering what's inside one of Factory Entertainment's $60 mystery boxes, which claims to contain over $250 worth of products from their extensive line of exclusive collectibles.

Would this box be the benevolent bearer of a rare "golden ticket" that 5% of the clandestine containers hold, entitling its owner to claim a high-end prize? Let's tear into the plain brown box and discover what secret treasures lie inside.

So gather round the warming glow of your computer or cell screen and grab a mug of iced cocoa. It's Christmas in July!

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