Digimon Adventure Tri films getting U.S. home video rollout by Shout! Factory

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May 3, 2017, 3:28 PM EDT (Updated)

Remember the classic anime series Digimon?

Of course you do. The story of Digimon, or Digital Monsters living in a parallel world spawned from Earth's communications networks and the kids who partner with them (the "DigiDestined") to fight evil digimon and humans (rings a bell, now, right?), became a global phenomenon from its initial anime series in 1999 and accompanying video game.

Hardcore fans know the beloved characters from the Toei Animation franchise recently returned in a series of anime films. Now, those movies are getting a splashy new release on DVD & Blu-ray, courtesy of Shout! Factory. The home entertainment company just announced it has locked up North American distribution rights for the first three films in the Digimon Adventure tri series.

The first one to be released will be Digimon Adventure tri - Reunion, which will debut on store shelves later this year.

Digimon Adventure tri - Reunion

That film, the first of a planned six-film series, brought back the original Digimon characters and picked the story up three years after the events of the Digimon 02 TV series.

The version U.S. fans will see in the Shout! Factory release will include a voice cast led by Joshua Seth, who voiced the lead character Tai Kamiya in the original anime. Tai is now in high school and has drifted apart from the other original DigiDestined. They are, ahem, reunited when strange occurrences lead to infected Digimon posing a new threat. 

There's no word on when the next two films in the Digimon Adventure tri library - Determination and Confession -- will be released in the States. The fourth movie, Digimon Adventure tri - Loss, is set to debut in Japan next month.  

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