Dinosaur officially named after Ghostbusters' horned demon dog

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May 11, 2017

Gozer the Destructor would be proud to learn that a recently found dinosaur has been christened after one of the evil Sumerian demi-god's gatekeeping devil dogs.

According to CBS News, paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum unearthed the 75 million-year-old petrified fossil of a new species of ankylosaur in the Judith River Formation of Montana. Its ferocious horned skull and elongated torso prompted one nerdy scientist to suggest naming it after one of the brutish demon dogs from 1984's Ghostbusters.

The armored Zuul crurivastator is supposedly  “one of the most complete and best-preserved skeletons of this group of dinosaurs ever found,” and the specimen includes a complete skull, tail club and well-preserved soft tissues. Originally existing 75 million years ago in the Campanian Stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, Zuul measured in at nearly 20 feet long and tipped the scales at more than 2.5 tons.

Here's a pair of videos presenting the new Ghostbusters dinosaur and an artist's rendering depicting the prehistoric creature in its prime.

(Via io9)

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