Director Duncan Jones says upcoming Warcraft is not a 'problem movie'

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Sep 19, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Studios may give directors millions of dollars to produce movies, but it doesn’t mean they’re completely confident about a return on investment. One movie in which Universal reportedly lacks confidence? The upcoming Warcraft, which is based on the wildly popular MMO Worlds of Warcraft.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Warcraft is considered a “problem movie,” along with upcoming sci-fi film The Great Wall (starring Matt Damon). 

In response, director Duncan Jones (Moon) took to Twitter. “I wouldn’t worry about that.  Universal moved us to the same date as Jurassic World, so we must have done something right!”

And as We Got This Covered reminds us, “Universal is the company to have shifted Warcraft from March to June – likely to avoid Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – which underlines that they do indeed have confidence in the director’s vision.”

But with World of Warcraft losing players, the videogame’s slightly reduced fan base may not be enough to assure the movie will rake in the multimillions. However, with Jones at the helm, I’m reasonably assured that Warcraft will be a watchable movie.

World of Warcraft is the most financially successful videogame of all time. The film’s plot details are minimal—“Humans, dwarfs, trolls and orcs engage in an epic battle between the Alliance [the good guys] and the Horde [the baddies],” according to Google—but I expect to see more of the epic sword and sorcery that makes the game so popular. 

(Via WeGotThisCovered.)