Director Len Wiseman delivers update on the Underworld TV series in development

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Jan 25, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

With every haunted dishmop video game and zombie dingo dog comic book getting adapted for television these days in the mad rush to capture a small sliver of genre-crazed lightning, it's no wonder that creative execs have turned their greedy gazes to the Underworld sci-fi horror franchise.  There had been rumblings and rumors of Underworld being translated into a weekly live-action "Lycans vs. Vampires" series over the past few years, but the buzz had recently faded into oblivion.  While attending the Television Film Critics press tour last week promoting his new Lucifer series, Collider caught up with the creator/director, Len Wiseman, for his scoop on the project's current state of development:

"Yes, there’s been a lot of conversations and even development on what that series would be,” said Wiseman.. “It’s really appropriate for television, in terms of how those characters can really tie in, but also become something new. It’s really an attractive space. I don’t want to put a date on it because then that’s going to be printed and it might not happen in that timeframe, but it is a thought.”

While these comments certainly seem tame, it's obvious this undertaking is still exhibiting a strong pulse, and it could only be a heartbeat away until Underworld's TV iteration is officially announced.  Considering its violent pedigree and high-dollar SFX, would you welcome it on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, or would you rather a major cable network picked up the rights?  With Underworld 5 currently in production and a release date of October 2016 set, news could come sooner than later!

(Via Collider)

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