Director unveils huge Tron Legacy spoilers, awesome footage

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:57 PM EDT

Fans in Los Angeles were treated to the new 3-D IMAX trailer for Tron Legacy in Los Angeles on Saturday—not once, but twice—while director Joseph Kosinski answered questions and revealed a lot of spoilery plot points in a brief talk with original Tron director Steven Lisberger. Read our account below.

The L.A. trailer screening was the reward for fans who solved an alternate-reality game (at the viral site Flynn Lives) and was one of several held around the country and around the world for the much-anticipated sequel to Lisberger's groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi movie.

In a Q&A with fans, Kosinski revealed several spoilers:

♦"Tron [the character played by Bruce Boxleitner in the original movie] will be in it. I promise you. The film's called Tron."

♦What about Lora/Yori, played by Cindy Morgan in the original movie? "Her character is not in Tron Legacy, but that doesn't mean she's not in the world of Tron." Whatever that means.

♦"Daft Punk is in the movie. Their music is all over it." Does that mean they'll actually appear? Koskinski didn't answer.

Michael Sheen plays a character named Castor, who runs a nightclub in the Tron universe.

♦Will the Master Control Program or Encom executive Dillinger (played by David Warner) be in the movie? Kosinski was silent about Dillinger (and his virtual-world counterpart, Sark, who perished in the first film) but said, "The MCP was destroyed," adding that the technology he represented was obsolete. Instead, the film's virtual world exists on a new "server" and a new nemesis will be an updated version of Clu (played by a de-aged version of Jeff Bridges), "the next level of artificial intelligence."

&diams"Clu is an exact duplicate of Kevin Flynn himself that he created in 1985" and a more advanced version of the Clu who came to a bad end in the first movie.

♦Will there be a counterpart of Bit, the small digital entity that aids Flynn in the original movie? "I'd say we do have an equivalent to Bit" in the person of Jarvis, the right-hand "information officer" to Clu 2.0, Koskinski said. "He kind of plays the same role."

All in all, Lisberger said he's pleased about the sequel. "We should all be really glad that it happened. ... It'll be great," he said.

As for the footage itself?

The 3-D trailer opens with Sam (Garrett Hedlund) speaking with an older Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) atop the Encom Building. Alan says he received a text from Sam's missing father, Kevin Flynn, from a number that was disconnected 20 years ago. Bradley says Kevin was on the cusp of a technological breakthrough when he went missing and that he would never have left that behind or left Sam behind. Bradley then gives Sam keys to Flynn's Arcade. Sam speeds off on his motorcycle and arrives at the arcade, which we see has been closed for years.

Sam opens up the arcade, discovers a secret door behind a "Tron" game machine and discovers Kevin's lab. He wipes dust from a black-and-white screen, which is still active. The shot cuts to the glowing laser we remember from the first movie—the one that digitized Kevin Flynn the first time he entered the virtual world—and the screen goes black.

We are then in a fully realized- 3-D black-and-neon Tron world, with a giant lighted new-generation Recognizer, before which stand three tiny figures in lighted black suits.

We see Sam in a light suit ascending in some kind of round illuminated platform, then quick cuts of

♦Olivia Wilde's Quorra in a black light suit, reclining on a divan;
♦a light cycle speeding toward the horizon, with a massive lit-up Tron city in the distance;
♦a young-looking black-clad Jeff Bridges as Clu emerging onto a platform, accompanied by Jarvis and other programs;
♦combatants, including Sam, in light suits, flinging white-lighted discs at each other;
♦a skidding light vehicle (did it have four wheels??);
♦Michael Sheen as Castor in a white jumpsuit with a shock of white hair, playing air guitar on an illuminated white cane, standing atop a platform;
♦a white-suited combatant with two illuminated discs;
♦a blond woman in a tight white light suit (a siren?);
♦Sam walking up a ramp toward a bright light (a new Tron arena? Click on the image below for a larger version).

We hear Sam's voice:


Kevin/Bridges' voice: "Sam."

"Long time."

"You have no idea."

At the end, we see two light cycles smashing into each other at high speed, ending with a closeup of Sam's face as he speeds directly toward the camera.

The trailer was backed by electronic music composed by Daft Punk just for the 3-D teaser trailer, which will debut in front of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland when it opens on Friday.

We were sooo psyched! Let us know what you think when you see it next week!

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