Director of doc about BSG fandom thought of herself as part Cylon

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Dec 14, 2012

Ilana Rein decided she wanted to figure out what made Battlestar Galactica fans tick, so she sank $8,000 of her own money into producing the documentary We Are All Cylons.

To make the indie doc involved more than just interviewing the show's fans and creators. She also got so into it that she had to imagine herself a Cylon to pull it off. Rein told Wired that "part of my creative process was to begin thinking of myself as part Cylon. A lot of the edits I made were what I imagined a computer would do."

The film premiered yesterday at the Sci-Fi-London film festival, and based on the trailer below, we can't wait for We Are All Cylons to play elsewhere so we can find out what she uncovered about BSG fandom.

We Are All Cylons - Preview from Ilana Rein on Vimeo.

We do have one quibble, though. Prior to the film's debut, the director said:

"I know a few very serious Star Trek fans but I have never noticed a gleam in their eyes the way I do when I speak to BSG fans."

All we can say is—Rein obviously hasn't hung out at enough Star Trek cons, because that Star Trek gleam exists. We've seen it!

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