Director's 'Batman as Joker' pic could kill his Daredevil reboot

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

Comic fans went nuts earlier this year when director Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Narc) revealed he was in the running to direct a gritty, 1970s-set reboot of Daredevil—and his epic sizzle reelonly fanned the flames. But now it seems Carnahan has moved on to another dark comic he wants to bring to the big screen.

Carnahan is officially working on a script based on the Nemesis comic created by Mark Millar, which follows a supervillain who is essentially a "what if": what if Batman were the Joker? Rich, charismatic and intelligent—but, you know, evil.

Millar offered an update on the project via his website MIllarworld, saying the script is being prepped and casting has yet to ramp up. But he didn't shoot down rumors that Liam Neeson is in talks to star:

"Shot straight from a wedding in Manchester last week to the City of Angels and plunged straight into some studio biz on the 'Nemesis' movie. Mighty Joe Carnahan is directing (from a script by he and his brother Matthew), but this much you already know. Fox wanted us to get in the same room for the first time and really hash this out, which was exciting. Joe has a really brilliant take on this and Matt and he are going to take things from here so I'm really happy. Absolutely no casting has been done formally although you can google the MTV interview from last January where he and Sir Liam Neeson are chatting about it. More news as it happens."
As for what this could mean for Carnahan's quest to reboot Daredevil? If nothing else, it seems he's moved on to a comic property that isn't wrapped up in a ticking-clock rights dispute. But with the Daredevil name now back under the roof of Marvel Studios, you'd have to hope the company at least gives Carnahan a shot at some point down the line to pitch his plan again.

Plus, with Phase Two of Marvel's master plan ramping up, it's unlikely that anything Daredevil-related would happen for a while anyway. So, if Nemesis doesn't scratch his comic film itch, maybe Daredevil could someday?

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