Discover Batman's secret creator in the trailer for Batman & Bill documentary

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Apr 27, 2017, 4:41 PM EDT (Updated)

If you know a little about the history of superhero comics, you're probably aware that the credit "Batman Created by Bob Kane" is a lie, or at least only a partial truth. Sure, Kane was intimately involved in Batman's creation, but he had a lot of help, and if you really look closely to the character's early years, a bigger creative force emerges: Bill Finger.

While Kane's Batman contract gave him sole credit on the character, Finger is actually the man responsible for many of the concepts we love, including Gotham City, Robin, the Batmobile, the phrase "Dark Knight" and much of the Batman's look and origin story (Kane's original design for the character featured a red costume, a domino mask and rigid wings). The sheer volume of creativity he contributed to the character and his world is massive, but because of his status as a ghostwriter, he never saw credit in his lifetime.

In fact, only in recent years has the general pubic gained greater awareness of Finger and his work. Author Marc Tyler Nobleman led that charge in a big way through his all ages Finger biography Bill The Boy Wonder (which you should absolutely seek out), and a continued push by Nobleman, the Finger family and fans ultimately led to the credit "Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger" appearing in the pages of DC Comics in 2015, as well as in the credits of the TV series Gotham and the feature film Batman v superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now Finger's story will be further explored in a new documentary, Batman & Bill, which chronicles Nobleman's attempts to get to know Finger's life and the campaign to get him posthumous credit as the co-creator of Batman. The documentary features interview with Nobleman, Batman producer Michael Uslan, Finger's granddaughter Athena, and Batman fan and comic book author Kevin Smith, among others.

If you're a fan of Finger already and want to see his life get the spotlight, this looks absolutely riveting. If you're someone who wants to figure out for the first time where Finger's name fits in the history of American comics, there's a good chance it will hook you too. Check out the trailer:


Batman & Bill premieres on Hulu May 6.