Discover blogger Ed Yong wins prestigious writing award!

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Oct 18, 2010

My hearty congrats to my fellow

Hive Overmind Discover Magazine blogger Ed Yong, who just won one of the 2010 National Academies Communication Awards!

These are very prestigious awards, and well-deserved by Ed's writing, which is both informative and humorous -- I'll let you take a look at the essays he submitted to make up your mind about that... like, oh, say, this one.

I'm also thrilled to see that science blogging is starting to get its due. A lot of folks dismiss bloggers and blogging, thinking it's just people describing their dinners. But a lot of writers are legitimate science journalists and scientists themselves -- ahem! -- and have the chops to cover stories in a deeper and more personal manner. And we can respond more quickly than many of the older media, making science blogs like the ones here at DM the go-to places for people to get their science fix.

So again, my congratulations to Ed!

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