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Discover Transcendence with new footage from Johnny Depp's latest

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Mar 13, 2014, 7:41 PM EDT (Updated)

With Transcendence opening in theaters in just over a month, a new featurette has surfaced to dissect the meaning of the movie's title.

Johnny Depp stars as Dr. Will Caster, a brilliant scientist who has discovered what may be a next step in both human and technological evolution -- the merging of the human brain with a supercomputer. 

But when anti-tech terrorists fatally wound Caster in an assassination attempt, he becomes the first subject to test his theory as his mind is uploaded into a sentient machine -- turning him into an omniscient new entity with a hunger for limitless power.

As you can see in the featurette below, the cast and filmmakers describe "transcendence" as that moment when human mind and machine unite to form something new. In Caster's case, what that new thing is could be humanity's savior or, as Morgan Freeman gravely intones at the end of the clip, "the end of mankind as we know it."

Transcendence seems to embrace a lot of current thinking about the Singularity (the next big leap in artificial intelligence evolution) and could end up being either the kind of intelligent sci-fi thriller we all crave or a formulaic effects-driven time waster. It does have a great cast (Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Freeman, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy) and marks the directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Wally Pfister (the Dark Knight movies, Inception), with his former boss Christopher Nolan providing a guiding hand as producer.

Transcendence is out in theaters April 18. Watch the featurette below and tell us if you'll be lining up the first weekend.

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