Discover which comic just became DC's best-selling issue since 1996

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Mar 11, 2013, 5:13 PM EDT

Who says print is dead?

The '90s may not have always been considered the best time for writing and art when it came to comics, but it can't be understated that sales boomed in a way they never had before. For a long time, it seemed as though they never would again, either. So it's shocking that we can report today that DC Comics has sold more copies of Justice League of America #1 than it has of any other comic since 1996.

With  nearly 308,000 copies ordered from retailers, the new Justice League managed to outpace even the highest selling DC 52 #1's by at least 100,000. At the moment, it is the seventh top-selling comic of the 21st century, and that number may increase with potential reorders.

But what made this issue so successful? Well, it seems that one of the major reasons for its sales is due to the variant covers. At a whopping 50, there are versions of this single issue for each state in the union. That's 50 different state flags, plus the U.S. flag for the regular cover.

That's certainly not as romantic as the notion that writing and artistry are paving the way to a more successful creative industry, but at least now DC knows that something sells better than sex and violence -- flags.

(via The Beat)