Disney and Lucasfilm reveal new movie-accurate replica prop shop

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Jun 2, 2016, 12:00 PM EDT

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced plans to join forces with Pinewood Studios UK, the wizards behind the props and weapons from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to produce an exclusive line of high-quality movie-accurate products for the public.  Most of these limited-edition items are costly, ranging from $1,250 to $3,500, but due to the expert level of workmanship, it's in line with other high-end collectibles of a similar nature.

Here's the official press release from today's unveiling:

 Disney and Lucasfilm today launched Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity to prop replica products for fans. Made to order by propmakers at Propshop in Pinewood Studios using digital data collected during filming ofStar Wars: The Force Awakens, the production process marries cutting edge 3D printing technology with master craftsmanship to produce replicas virtually identical to those seen on screen. Available initially in the U.S.,starwarsultimatestudioedition.com is the exclusive location to purchase these products.

“We’re delighted to be able to produce such a groundbreaking line of merchandise,” said James Enright, Assets Director and CEO of Propshop. “Designed, made and finished by the hands of specialist motion picture prop makers and artists, we’ve worked extremely hard to create something that we know would make fans and filmmakers proud.”

The initial offering from the Star Wars Collectibles line features eight prop replicas from Star Wars: The Force Awakens including Darth Vader’s melted helmet, Rey’s lightsaber hilt, FN-2187 Stormtrooper helmet and more. Each replica item is a limited production piece due to the high level of craftsmanship required to create them.

These made-to-order replicas will come with custom display pedestals, packed in branded wooden crates that are inspired by the real crates used to ship the film props. Each one is custom built to accommodate the shape of the replica inside.

“We are continually looking for new ways to extend the storytelling from movies in innovative ways,” said Josh Silverman, executive vice president of global licensing at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “We’ve worked hand in hand with the film makers and talented team at Propshop to create a unique product experience for fans and we’re excited to see their reactions to these incredible prop replicas.”

Check out a preview of a few of the precisely detailed replica props being offered in the gallery below and head over to their online site for shipping and availability.  What do you think of these incredible screen-accurate Star Wars props, and do any of them catch your eye and wallet?