Disney and Pixar join forces on new Disney Heroes: Battle Mode mobile game

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Apr 3, 2018

Earlier today, Disney and Pixar announced they will be partnering on a new mobile game featuring several of the most recognizable characters from their shared history. 

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an upcoming RPG that will be released via independent games studio PerBlue. By choosing various characters from the classic Disney and Pixar rosters, players will be able to equip different combinations of heroes in order to take on "a corrupted digital world" to save it from an evil virus, according to the official press release from Disney.

"Disney Heroes: Battle Mode brings together Disney and Pixar characters in an all-new, original universe," said Lisa Anderson, vice president, Games, Disney. "PerBlue has done a great job of bringing our characters to life in authentically Disney ways, and players will be surprised and delighted as they mix and match hero team-ups." 

As of right now, characters that will be made available for play include The Incredibles' Mr. Incredible, Wreck-It Ralph's Fix-It Felix Jr., Zootopia's Nick Wilde, Toy Story 2's Jessie and Monsters Inc.'s Sulley with Boo. Some of them definitely seem a little more suited for "battle mode" than others, but since they're being equipped in the name of saving the world we'll let it slide.

Pre-registration for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode starts today, and the game will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play later this year. Check out the trailer below, which teases a glimpse at some of the optional playable characters as well as the game itself.

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