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Disney confirms X-Men team getting 'perfect sendoff,' New Mutants still on release slate

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Apr 3, 2019, 9:20 PM EDT

Disney was on hand at this year's CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, to talk about all their newly added franchises since the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, and how they'll all fit underneath the studio's ever-widening umbrella.

According to Deadline, things started off with a sizzle reel of both Disney and Fox titles, which ended with a clip of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine asking, "What is this place?", then cutting to a shot of Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther. This signaled to the crowd, and the rest of the world, that the X-Men are officially part of the Marvel Studios' sandbox.

Speaking of the X-Men, Fox's Emma Watts was on hand to confirm that the upcoming Dark Phoenix (June 7) will be the "perfect sendoff for our X-Men team," per The Hollywood Reporter. This is the first real indication that the slate will be wiped clean and the roles will be recast as the superpowered mutants are re-introduced into the MCU.

As far as actual films, the biggest relief was the reveal that Ryan Reynolds will still be at the center of the Deadpool franchise. "You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years ahead," said Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn, as an image from Reynolds' Twitter flashed on the screen.

The presentation's biggest surprise is that The New Mutants is still on its way. The film had been in development limbo since before the official Disney acquisition, and was rumored to be destined for Hulu. Even star Maisie Williams wasn't sure the film would ever hit theaters.

It originally had a release date of Aug. 2, but Cathleen Taff, Disney’s president of distribution and franchise management, told the crowd that since some Fox titles shared the same release date with Disney movies already on their slate, "some adjustments will need to be made." That could mean The New Mutants will be pushed back once again, but that remains to be seen.

**SPOILER WARNING: Minor Avengers: Endgame spoilers below!**

Deadline also noted that the event finished up by screening a scene from Avengers: Endgame ahead of its April 26 release date. It featured Black Widow, Thor, Bruce Banner, Captain America, War Machine, and their newest ally, Captain Marvel. The scene had War Machine asking Marvel's newest billion-dollar hero where she'd been this whole time, while Nebula reveals she knows where Thanos is.

Then Captain America tells everyone, "Let’s go get this son of a bitch" before boarding Rocket's starship. Godspeed, you guys.

While there's been some speculation on how Disney would be handling some of the less ... family-friendly corners of the X-Men franchise, it seems the House of Mouse is ready to push its boundaries a bit and let them have their own voice, even as part of the larger MCU.