Disney cooking up 'ambitious' theme park plans for future Star Wars projects

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Feb 5, 2015, 11:21 AM EST (Updated)

Disney is all about the synergy, and now that the company has Star Wars under its creative umbrella, it plans on leveraging it for all it's worth.

There’d been rumblings Disney is working up some ambitious plans for Star Wars in the company’s theme park department, and Disney chief Bob Iger confirmed to Wall Street analysts that “a fair amount of design and development (is taking place by the company’s Imagineers) to greatly increase Star Wars’ presence in multiple locations around the world.” Iger went on to note via Variety that the plans are “ambitious,” though it’ll take a while to complete and eventually open.

Iger also confirmed that the new attractions, which will be based on the new Star Wars films and spinoffs (and not the old films), will be announced in detail “later in 2015.” There are already some smaller Star Wars attractions being implemented, but the company is apparently planning something far more epic in scope. Most likely scenario, and one that’s been hinted ever since the deal closed: full-on Star Wars “lands” in several parks.

Though the film and television divisions get the bulk of the attention, it’s easy to forget that Disney also has a positively massive parks division that includes theme parks across the globe with some insanely cutting-edge attractions. As far as scope is concerned, Iger teased that “it’s safe to say” you’ll be seeing Star Wars pop up all over the place in the next few years. I don’t know about you, but I want a full-scale Millennium Falcon flight simulator ride. Stat.

(Via Variety)