Disney meets Harry Potter in Beauty and Lord Voldemort mashup trailer

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May 2, 2017, 12:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Check out the perfect marriage of fantasy material (and movies starring Emma Watson) in this Beauty and Lord Voldemort mash-up video, replacing the Belle's romance with the furry Beast with the noseless visage of Harry Potter's ruthless Dark Lord.

With Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast set to release on March 17, it's high time for a proper spoof ... and there's no better sinister suitor to pair up with the Harry Potter alum Emma Watson than her hated old enemy from the Potterverse.

The creative sketch comedy folks at PistolShrimps did a bang-up editing job on this, matching cuts and inserting some subtle Potter shots into the official Disney teaser and trailer footage. It's amazing how well these two properties mesh ... and the sight of Ralph Fiennes' Voldemort giggling with happy birds perched atop his cloaked shoulders is priceless.

Have a look and tell us if this timeless tale works better with an evil, wand-waving sorcerer.

(via EW)