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Disney moves The New Mutants to a (hopefully) final release date in 2020

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May 7, 2019, 1:58 PM EDT

Now that its purchase of 21st Century Fox is complete, The Walt Disney Company is beginning to reveal some of the changes its new era will bring, including a new release schedule that incorporates incoming Fox films as well as future Disney projects. That means big news for the futures of both Star Wars and Avatar, but it also means we might finally have a firm release date for the long-delayed New Mutants. Which just got longer-delayed.

According to a press release from Disney that lays out the next several years of tentpole releases (many of them still untitled) at the House of Mouse, The New Mutants is now set to hit theaters April 3, 2020, almost two years after its original Fox release date. 

Directed by Josh Boone and adapted from the Marvel Comics mutant title of the same name, The New Mutants has had a troubled year full of reports of reshoots and release delays, to the point that even some of the film's stars seem to be unsure of what exactly is going on. The initial April 2018 release date was pushed to February of 2019 early last year, and then just months later Fox announced the film was being pushed again to August of 2019. 

When the Disney's purchase of Fox was complete, bringing the X-Men film rights back to Marvel Studios, New Mutants was again thrown into a degree of limbo, and some wondered if the film might simply be shuffled off the theatrical schedule altogether. Disney confirmed last month that New Mutants would still be released, even if they didn't yet know when. Now the film has a release date, with plenty of time between now and then for Boone and Disney to make any final adjustments necessary. 

As for the rest of the remaining Fox mutant flicks, the future is still uncertain. Disney has assured fans that Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool will have a place in this new era, but a third Deadpool solo film and that proposed X-Force movie are nowhere to be found on Disney's schedule, unless they're hiding as untitled features. Also missing: That long-developing Gambit film, which Disney might still be evaluating.

So, New Mutants has a new theatrical home in the Disney era, and next April we'll all finally be piling into theaters to see it...we hope.